Sriracha Sauce Rig


Bottle Worked Water Pipe
Empire Glassworks Decal
14.5mm Female; Reinforced Banger Hanger
14.5mm Male; Dichro Bowl Piece
Three Slit Barrel Diffuser

Length: 6.5″ Width: 4.0″ Weight: 310 Grams

Individually Hand Crafted Art Piece.
Limited Quantity and Availability.

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It’s getting a little hot in here, isn’t it? You bet your bowl of greens it is!

Introducing the Sriracha Sauce Bottle Rig by Empire Glassworks! This awesome water pipe features a 14.5mm female ground joint on a reinforced banger hanger. A triple-slit barrel diffuser within the chamber gradually percolates your vapors for a smooth, filtered experience. This rig is so fire, you can almost taste the heat.


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